Finalist Information

Finalists for the 2020

A Cappella Challenge

need to know:

Performance Requirements

Each group will perform up to 2 songs, not to exceed ten minutes in total. Timing will begin with the first intentional utterance of the first song and stop at the last utterance of the final song. Applause between songs will be included so participants should factor this into their timing. Judges may use their discretion to disqualify or penalize a performance for a time violation.

All performances must be a cappella with NO percussion instruments. Body percussion is permitted. A pitch pipe or similar device may be used for the starting pitch only. Any set dressing or staging must be carried on and off stage by your group in a timely manner.

All choreography, lyrics and vocal presentations must be appropriate for a family audience. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at the discretion of the judges.

Order of Appearance

On January 16, 2019 a random draw will take place to establish the order of appearance of the participating groups. This information will be published to all competitors once the draw has taken place. An approximate time schedule will be provided to each group upon arrival at the venue on the performance day.

Required Information

Once the order of appearance has been determined and participants have been informed, each performing group will be required to submit the following to the organizers:

  1. A short emcee introduction that outlines your group (Consider that this will be linked to the promotional video you sent us with your original application.)
  2. A photograph of your group for marketing purposes
  3. The titles of the songs being performed
  4. Composer/Arranger information for each song
  5. Names of any soloist/vocal percussionists to be highlighted
  6. Contact information for the group leader (email and phone please)
  7. Proof of copyright clearance allowing for the public performance of the chosen songs (SOCAN form will be sent to the group’s contact)
  8. Whether or not you wish to have a table for promotional materials/sales in the lobby during intermission

Sound and Staging

The stage at RHCPA is 40 feet wide with 20 foot wings on each side. There will be 4 ‘ x 8’ box risers set up on three levels.

The stage will have drop mics hanging above the stage as well as free standing mics along the front of the stage. Groups may choose to perform with mics or not, at their discretion. This information must be provided to the organizers in advance of the performance day. The sound engineer will endeavor to set all microphones at approximately equal volumes.

Every effort will be made to provide performers with a brief sound check on the day of the performance. This, however, cannot be guaranteed. If it is possible, each participating group will have an equal amount of time provided for a sound check.

Judging Procedures

A Panel of 4 Celebrity Judges will determine First, Second and Third place. Groups will be judged on vocal production, visual engagement, and entertainment value,  

One hundred randomly chosen audience members will be asked to vote for the new prize category entitled Audience Choice Award.

Promotional Materials

A limited amount of table space will be available in the lobby of the theatre where participating groups may set up promotional materials and/or sell merchandise during the intermission and after the show. As North Metro is also involved in the performance, any group who wishes to use this table space must inform the organizers in advance, as well as provide their own staffing, security and supervision for the table. No food/beverage items may be sold.


As a competitor, you do not need to purchase a ticket to perform. However, if you want to go into the theatre to watch the A Cappella Challenge, you will need to buy a ticket.


$15.00 ages 12 and under

$25.00  ages 13 and up

Tickets may be purchased directly from the RHCPA Box Office at 905-787-8811

or from the on-line Box Office (Click here to buy online).

Tickets will be available as of December 16, 2019.


By appearing in this event, all participants agree to abide by the rules as outlined.

Photographs will be taken during this event. All participants acknowledge that their group’s name and likeness may be used to promote the event, to publicize the results of the A Cappella Challenge, to promote a cappella singing in general, or for use in future North Metro Chorus endeavors without payment to the group or to individual members.

By performing in the A Cappella Challenge, all participants agree to hold North Metro Chorus harmless and indemnify them from any and all claims which may arise in connection to this event. This is including, but not limited to, copyright or trademark infringements, personal injury, emotional distress, libel or slander.